Better Process Control School

Industrial Technology Institute

Industrial Technology Institute

Food Technology Section, Industrial Technology Institute Modern Research and Development Complex, Industrial Technology Institute, 503A, Halbarawa Gardens, Thalahena, Malabe, Sri Lanka.

Better Process Control School               

Topics Coverd

  •    FDA Regulations
  •    Microbiology of Thermally Processed Foods
  •    Principles of Acidified Foods
  •    Principles of Thermal Processing
  •    Principles of Food Plant Sanitation
  •    Food Container Handling
  •    Records and Recordkeeping
  •    Equipment, Instrumentation, and   Operation   for Thermal Processing Systems
  •    Still Steam Retorts
  •     Still Retort: Processing with  Overpressure
  •     Hydrostatic Retorts
  •     Continuous Rotary Retorts
  •     Batch Agitating Retorts
  •     Aseptic Processing and Packaging    Systems
  •     Closures for Double Seamed Metal and   
  •      Plastic Containers
  •     Closures for Glass Containers
  •     Flexible and Semi - rigid Containers


Bank Details

Account Holder's Name  : Industrial Technology Institute
Bank Name                       : Bank of Ceylon
Branch Name                  : Independence Square
Bank Address                   Bank of Ceylon, Independence Square,Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
Swift Code                       : BCEYLKLX
Bank Code                       : 7010-453
Bank Account No.          : 000-2323-303 (LKR A/C) - 2872735 (USD A/C)


Weather averages during june
31°C / 26°C
Reaching Venue
Distance from Colombo Main Bus Stand - 15 KM
Distance from Bandaranayake International Air Port - 45KM
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